The Sparkle Box is a moving story about a gift that has the power to change Christmas.

Sam is so excited about Christmas! He's thinking about what to put on his Christmas list, anticipating holiday parties and puzzling over one very mysterious gift – a sparkly box sitting on the mantel above the fireplace. Written by Jill Hardie and brought to life by the rich illustrations of Christine Kornacki, The Sparkle Box is a heartfelt Christmas story that celebrates the beauty and excitement of the Christmas season, while gently bringing the true meaning of Christmas into focus through a story that features a powerful Christmas tradition. Children and adults of all ages will be captivated by The Sparkle Box and forever changed when they discover the Sparkle Box is a gift that honors Jesus on his birthday. Readers moved to adopt this faith-centered Christmas tradition in their homes can put a Sparkle Box, included with the book, under their own Christmas tree.

What readers are saying
Readers share how The Sparkle Box helped them rediscover the true meaning and joy of Christmas!

"My wife and I were looking for a way to teach our children the deeper meaning of Christmas... The Sparkle Box was that way! On Christmas morning it was a joy to open the box and see the gifts we had given Jesus. Last year, the church provided a copy of The Sparkle Box to every family in our church - we want it to become a favorite family/church Christmas tradition."
– Greg Nettle, Pastor,
RiverTree Christian Church, OH

"I was amazed at how a simple book with a simple message could touch my heart. I was not able to hold back my tears. I shared the story and tradition of The Sparkle Box with my niece so she could share it with her son and I hope to one day share it with my granddaughter... I know that once people read it, they will start their own Christmas tradition of a Sparkle Box."
– Alicia Walker

"As parents, we're always trying to find ways to help our four little girls see life from God's perspective. Our house is full of Barbie dolls and Legos and stuffed animals already, so we really need to work to make sure Christmas shifts from being all about us getting more, to focusing on serving people around us in Jesus' name. We tried the Sparkle Box this past Christmas and it was fantastic... One of our girls had given up her own presents at our family party so other kids could have them, we bought a water filter for a third world family, we took cookies to friends, gave money to plant new churches and more... We'll be doing it again this year and getting other families to join us."
– Al Dangelo

"My family began the Sparkle Box tradition this year... It was a tender time together – celebrating the real reason of the Season. The kids asked questions, and it was a tangible way to show God's love in action. We will make this an annual Christmas tradition in our home!"
– Stefanie Libertore

"We used the Sparkle Box with our three school-aged children last Christmas. It is such a wonderful way to counter-act the pressure of consumerism, by focusing our attention on honoring Jesus through what we can give, rather than honoring ourselves through what we can get. I can see this being a really popular book and concept amongst parents, teachers and churches. Certainly we found that the narrative of the book presents in an accessible and non-preachy manner. I expect opening the Sparkle Box on Christmas Day will quickly become embedded in our family Christmas traditions!"
– Alex Absalom
Leader of Missional Innovation
RiverTree Christian Church, OH

"The Sparkle Box story truly inspired us to "think outside the box" last Christmas. The warmth and joy on Christmas morning was deeper because the focus was back where it belonged – On Jesus and on honoring Him with acts of love."
– Kim Dent

"The story is beautiful and my family and I took time while opening gifts on Christmas morning to present our gifts to Jesus that I had collected as I watched them serve the Lord during the Christmas season. I have four young grandchildren that loved the idea and we plan to make it a Christmas morning tradition!"
– Tina DeMuesy

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Artwork featured above is from The Sparkle Box, published by Ideals Children's Books.
Art copyright © 2012 by Christine Kornacki. and its contents are copyright protected by Jill Hardie.


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