NEW! For church leaders,
a four-part sermon series by Greg Nettle!

Week 1: The Sparkle Box
Week 2: A World Where No One is Hungry
Week 3: A World Where No One is Thirsty
Week 4: A World Where No One is Lonely

NEW! A four part bumper series for churches

High resolution is available on request with a church book order. Text-free versions are also available for churches that would like to customize their message.

Week 1: The Sparkle Box/Jesus
Week 2: A World Where No One is Hungry/Children
Week 3: A World Where No One is Thirsty/World
Week 4: A World Where No One is Lonely/Neighbor

Motivational materials for The Sparkle Box tradition.

Just like Sam and his family in The Sparkle Box book, written by Jill Hardie and illustrated by Christine Kornacki, you can make The Sparkle Box a part of your own Christmas tradition.

Whether you're married with children, or without children, a grandparent, or single – you can honor Jesus with a gift on His birthday. See Sparkle Box Gift Ideas for inspiration.

Motivational materials and ideas for children.

There are many great ways to make choosing a gift for Jesus meaningful for children.

Encourage them to contribute their own money toward Jesus' gift.

Here's a Sparkle Box Chore Chart you can download

Chore Chart
Sample Chore Chart

The Sparkle Jar
Save your money for Jesus in this fun jar that's simple to make.

The Sparkle Jar Instructions

Discuss the different kinds of needs there are in the world.

Explore issues or concerns that touch your child's heart.

Empower children with the message Jesus taught us: We can make a difference. As you discuss ideas with your child, reinforce the beautiful message that Jesus shared – we are the light of the world. We are meant to shine His love through the things we do for each other.

I want to Sparkle! Coloring Page
A special place to illustrate how
you want to shine like Jesus.

I want to Sparkle! Coloring Page

Special materials for teachers and group leaders.

If you are a teacher or group leader, we have special materials that will help you communicate the tradition of The Sparkle Box to your children, parents, or adult group members. Sparkle Box ideas for teachers and group leaders.

Ideas to make The Sparkle Box moment shine!

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to be a light to our world. These gifts are for You, in honor of Your Birthday. For You taught us, whatever we do for those in need, we do for You... (proceed with reading your gifts).

May you be blessed and be a blessing with The Sparkle Box tradition!

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Artwork featured above is from The Sparkle Box, published by Ideals Children's Books.
Art copyright © 2012 by Christine Kornacki. and its contents are copyright protected by Jill Hardie.


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