Special Materials for Teachers and Group Leaders

The Sparkle Box is a story for people of all ages in all stages of life that just happens to be told in a beautiful, picture book format! If you are a teacher or group leader and would like to share the Christmas tradition of The Sparkle Box, we have some materials that will help you communicate this beautiful tradition that honors Jesus.

For Children and their Parents

If you plan on reading the book The Sparkle Box and making a Sparkle Box with your students, this take home paper explains the tradition.

Take Home Paper

If you aren't reading the story or making the box, but would like to encourage your students and parents to adopt the tradition in their own homes, this handout is for you.

Encouragement Handout

Additional materials you can print for parents...
How to make choosing a gift for Jesus meaningful for your child.

Choosing a Gift

Ideas to make the Sparkle Box moment shine on Christmas morning.

Make the Sparkle Box Moment Shine

Other motivational materials

Chore Chart
Sample Chore Chart
The Sparkle Jar
I want to Sparkle! Coloring Page

For Adult Group Members

When adults hear or read The Sparkle Box, it touches their hearts. Adults with and without children find the Christmas tradition of The Sparkle Box a moving experience.

If you’d like to share the tradition with your adult members, this handout helps communicate this special new Christmas tradition.

Adult Handout

For Additional Ideas

Visit the Share Your Sparkle Box Ideas page to read some excellent ideas for churches that readers have shared. Do you have plans to implement The Sparkle Box tradition in your church? We'd love to hear your ideas!

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Artwork featured above is from The Sparkle Box, published by Ideals Children's Books.
Art copyright © 2012 by Christine Kornacki. TheSparkleBox.com and its contents are copyright protected by Jill Hardie.


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