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The Sparkle Box wins EPCA's Christian Book Award in the Children's Category
April 2014 -

The Sparkle Box is a Christian Book Award Finalist
March 2014 -

Sparkle Box used by Students in CA to honor former Student who has Cancer
December 2013 -

Guideposts Magazine
December 2012
The Sparkle Box - How our family remembers what Christmas is really about

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Kathy's Cluttered Mind
"I would like to issue a mascara warning for this book. Yup this momma cried while reading it. I automatically consider any book I cry during a 5 STAR book... This book is fabulous and after reading the book just one time to the children both understood what the message was. They were very excited to put our Sparkle Box together and to show their daddy when he got home from work. They explained that Sparkle Box was where we put gifts for Jesus to give to him on his birthday." For the complete review, visit

It's the Simple Things
"I read this book to my two youngest boys while they bathed tonight and their reactions were priceless. My five-year-old, Ryan, had a solemn look on his face and stared intently at the book as I read. It had his total attention and he heard every word I read. They both loved me pulling our own "sparkle box" from inside the book and folding it together. I asked them what they thought about it and the idea's started flowing. This is going to be a lot of fun and a great experience for them as we fill our very own sparkle box for Jesus this year." For the complete review, visit

Kelly's Lucky You
"The Sparkle Box is a book, but more than a book, it's a tradition you can begin for your family. My daughter was instantly excited by the shiny box on the cover of the book, "What is THAT?", she exclaimed. She couldn't wait for my husband to read the book to her." Review includes a darling picture of the reviewer's daughter filling out a slip of paper to put in the Sparkle Box! For the complete review, visit

One Blessed Mamma
"This book is well written, and beautifully illustrated. My children enjoyed the story and the concept SO much that they immediately asked if we could put together our own Sparkle Box (each book comes with one) and begin filling it. I love that it focused them on doing and giving for Jesus, and not on the receiving for themselves. I definitely see us incorporating the Sparkle Box tradition into our Christmas celebrations." For the complete review, visit

Bear Rabbit Bear
"Are you looking for a way to keep the real meaning of Christmas relevant for your children during a season of increased commercialism? If so, then The Sparkle Box is for you!" For the complete review, visit

Planet Weidknecht
"I've just finished reading The Sparkle Box, a children's book that truly touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. If you have a child, a grandchild, or even know a family with a child, I strongly recommend you give this book to them. It is truly a gift with the power to change Christmas for your children. The book comes with a sparkle box, so your family can begin this fabulous tradition. Even though my own children are nearly grown, I will definitely be filling my sparkle box every year." For the complete review, visit

"This book is beautiful in its message and the pictures are scrumptious. I love this book. The Sparkle Box is one I would recommend for every family wanting to get back to the simpleness of Christmas... While I was sitting on my bed reading The Sparkle Box, I started crying. Crying for the simplicity of the message that resonated in my heart and for the reminder of what we should be focusing on at Christmas. I can not wait to get our Sparkle Box set up and filled!" For the complete review, visit

That Bald Chick
"I won't lie, I cried as I read this story to my kids. I cried because the story embodies the lessons my Mom taught me about giving, and because they are precisely the lessons I want my children to learn. We volunteer at a food pantry for that very reason. As I folded together the included Sparkle Box to put on our mantel, Sister clapped excitedly and squealed, "We get to give gifts to Jesus!!" Indeed, we do." For the complete review, visit

Simply Stacie
"My children and I love reading Christmas themed books together during the holiday season and so we were very excited to settle in with The Sparkle Box by author, Jill Hardie. What I didn't expect is that this particular book would have such a wonderful impact that it left us with tears in our eyes because the story has such a beautiful message.... A long time ago, I was taught by my mom and grandparents that it is "better to give than receive" and love that this book helps me teach that to my own children." For the complete review, visit

Momma Drama
"What a refreshing book! I must say that I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays... This book is a beautiful reminder that we can enjoy the holiday season and all of the traditions that go along with it, but that we should also be keeping the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts and in our lives... How special it would be to open that box on Christmas and be reminded of the people we've met, the things we had done for others. To read each slip and relive the moment on Christmas morning with our family." For the complete review, visit

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